Friday, February 21, 2020

Sherry Marc Allan - Chandler AZ (ROC181941) - Words of Wisdom Regarding Honesty - Cooper Country Estates -

To all of Sherrys fans;

I will tell you what I am not, I am not a Scaramouch, Gangnam style looking real estate peddler trying to pawn off their worthless dilapidated residential properties as prime commercial dirt ready for  development. I will not try to disguise crap dirt as viable commercial property knowing full well that it can not be rezoned as commercial…I am not the super lazy “developer” who does not and has not  developed a single property… EVER. Further, I will not seize any  opportunities to sue a family member, business partner or a contractors who has fulfilled an agreement or contract with me   because I made a bad decision but want to place blame somewhere else, and will invent a mental disorders if my shady dealings come to light.
I am a doer armed with a general contracting and real estate license,  the kind of guy who rolls up his sleeves and make things happen. I have always been and will always be a stand up guy. Through design,  planning, organization, we have always successfully followed through every project we’ve ever started. We have and continue to crush all the evil cheaters that threaten any of our ventures success. Drop me a message if you wish to invest in us… let’s build America and the future together.
Marc Allan
Allen Street Investors,

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