I  was having a decent time while my family of four stayed at this hotel for my sons 12th birthday. My son has a spectrum disorder and is obsessed with water slides and everything he has seen on TV about Great Wolf Lodge. On the night of his 12th birthday, October 9th, the neighboring room was making loud noises and screaming. I did not complain because I understand having kids on vacation and knew they would settle down. We all eventually settled down and we were all asleep in bed. I get a visit and a call from security saying that there is screaming coming from my room. I explained that the noises came from the neighboring room and they seemed satisfied. Much later, police almost beat my hotel door down and pulled me out of the room and handcuffed me without explaining what I was being charged with. I explained to Officer Estrada from the Salt River Police Department that nothing happened and Officer Estrada proceeded to call me a liar several times. I explained to Officer Estrada that I am a law abiding citizen and this was my first time being handcuffed in my life. My wife then came out while I was handcuffed and I asked her to call my close friend who is a criminal attorney. Officer Estrada then detained my wife for no reason and then Officer Estrada explained that she was not able to contact my attorney because she was detained. Because she was detained, I politely explained to my wife that she has the right to remain silent. Officer Estrada then yelled out that she doe not have the right to remain silent at all. I was shocked with Officer Estradas version of the Bill of Rights and asked him why my wife does not have the right to remain silent. Officer Estrada explained that my wife does not have the right to remain silent because she has not been read her rights yet and you only receive your rights after they are given to you by the police officer. Officer Estrada then pulls me down to an empty hallway out of site of the seven witnesses that were in the hallway. I explained that I did not want to go into an empty hallway with him and he assured me it was okay because it was being recorded. Another officer luckily showed up and apparently explained to Officer Estrada that he made a false arrest and then I was let go. My children were upset and so was my wife. Needless to say, my son's 12th birthday didn't go as planned. They should sell a shirt at the gift shop that says, I got Handcuffed at the Great Wold Lodge in Front of my Kids for no Reason!!

Great Wolf Lodge
7333 N Pima
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Set for PR submission Monday 10/14/19


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