BR512268000 Ethics Complaint and ROC181941 Suspension

Copying of Arizona Real Estate Ethics Complaint against Lisa Allan of Chandler, AZ BR512268000 - ROC181941

Code of Ethics Complaint
Date: January 23rd, 2019
Respondent: Lisa Allan, AKA Lisa Priore, Lisa M.V. Priore, Lisa M. V. Allan, Lisa Lamb, Lisa Velut, Lisa Seaquist
Subject: Restaurant Building and separate Advertising Billboard located at 1111 S Beeline, Payson 85541. Referenced herein as “Restaurant Building” and “Billboard”
Lisa Allan (AZ License # BR512268000) has clearly violated Article 1, Article 2, Article 3, Article 4, Article 6, Article 7, Article 8 and Article 9 regarding her Duties to Clients and Customers as an Arizona licensed Realtor. Lisa is also in violation of Article 12, Article 13 and Article 15 regarding her Duties to the Public as an Arizona licensed Realtor.
I was unaware of these infractions until I received documentation/discovery in a recent lawsuit.
1) Unbeknownst to me, Lisa listed my restaurant building and billboard several times for both sale and lease. Some of these listings contained listing prices and some did not contain a listing price. I have several screen prints of these listings and some are still available through cached websites that are still publicly accessible.
Summary - Lisa Allan listed my property for sale and lease without my knowledge at least five times.
2) Lisa was unsuccessful in leasing the restaurant building but she was able to rent the billboard to a customer, again, without my knowledge. I have a copy of the lease that was never presented to me nor does this lease contain my signature.
Summary - Lisa executed a rental agreement without my consent, authorization, knowledge or signature
3) Lisa arbitrarily removed a commission from the lease proceeds of the billboard which was approximately five percent. She took this commission money without my knowledge or consent. Lisa also stole the remaining 95% of proceeds and converted my money into her personal funds.
Summary - Lisa stole a commission from the rental proceeds, then Lisa proceeded to steal the remainder of the proceeds.
4) Around this time, Lisa filed an insurance claim on my behalf regarding the restaurant building. I am still unaware why or what peril caused the necessity to file a claim. This claim was filed with Country Mutual who is based in Bloomington, IL.
Summary - Lisa filed a possible fraudulent insurance claim on my property without my knowledge.
5) I have a copy of the check from Country Mutual from that prior discovery. This check clearly shows myself, XXXXXX XXXXXX as the payee. This check was endorsed by Lisa who clearly forged my name, XXXXXX XXXXXX. Lisa never informed me that she filed the claim on my behalf so there is obviously no way that I could have endorsed that check and the handwriting is vastly different than mine.
Summary - Lisa forged my signature on a check from Country Mutual that should have been used for repairs.
6) Lisa converted the proceeds from the claim into personal funds after forging my signature on the proceeds.
Summary - Lisa stole the proceeds of the insurance claim and used these funds for personal reasons.
I cannot stress enough that I was unaware of these clear ethics issues until they were discovered in a lawsuit. Lisa Allan clearly concealed this information that she committed fraud and embezzled my personal funds until required by the courts to provide this evidence.
Lisa Allan has violated a majority of the 17 Articles that she must adhere to as a licensed real estate professional.
Relief sought;
I am seeking disciplinary action regarding Lisa Allan so that she may not do any further financial harm to the unsuspecting public. Her contractor’s license ROC181941 has been previously suspended because she took money from a contracted customer and then refused to perform the work. Her history is filled with illegalities and pathological lies.
We must maintain the public trust!!!
Real Estate Developer – Commercial
On a personal note,
After my discovery of the theft and misrepresentation by the respondent, Lisa Allan and her husband Marc Allan assaulted my wife and I in front of our own home which was caught on video. This video will be evidence that is provided at the hearing. This assault occurred while they were in possession of a loaded weapon. Lisa and Marc can be heard calling my wife and I names such as scumbag, cunt and pussy. Video will also show the assault and defamation that occurred in front of several neighbors that were in attendance.
Because my wife and I were assaulted by Marc and Lisa with a loaded gun, Judge Frankel of San Marcos Justice Court quickly issued an immediate Order of Protection. San Marcos Justice Court also required that Marc and Lisa surrender any weapons and/or ammunition pursuant to their crime of assault. Lisa has made several public statements that she still has weapons and ammunition available to her and my family is scared that she will assault us again. Lisa and Marc Allan have made three separate appeals to this Order of Protection and it has been upheld by three separate Judges.
Lisa Allan became aware of this pending SEVRAR ethics complaint very recently, which compelled her to file a preemptive and bogus complaint against my wife, XXXXX XXXXX. Because of the violent nature of Lisa and her husband, I formally request that any hearings that are conducted in these two matters contain separate testimonies. Lisa and Marc are obviously dangerous and their presence violates existing Orders of Protection that were enacted for our family’s safety. Lisa Allan has been arrested several times for violent assault and our fears of being assaulted at any hearing are clear and valid.


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